This is one of the first things that you see on the shelves of the Mirza Lounge when you visit Mirza in the UK.

Mirza is a British hookah bar, and its main focus is hookahs, but it has its own lounge.

Here’s a look at what you need to know before you go and try one of their hookahs.

What is hookahan?

A hookah is a smoking device that has a handle attached to the base that contains a pipe.

It is often shaped like a round object.

It may also have an opening for a mouthpiece.

The hookah you try in the Mirazah Lounge in Manchester, United Kingdom, is a modern version of a traditional hookah pipe.

You can order a hookah with or without the handle.

There are many different types of hookahs available, but the Mirzas most popular are the black and gold, which are the most common, and the black, which is the most expensive.

There are also some versions that are made with white cotton or wool.

How do hookahs differ from cigarettes?

There are different types and shapes of hookah pipes.

In the UK, most hookahs come in two different styles.

They are called the black (short and long) and white (regular) hookahs or “hookahs”.

You can buy hookahs with or with no handle.

You also can buy a hookahs without the hookah handle and the hookahs that come with the handle, which can cost up to £80.

Hookahs are usually sold in black and white or in red, gold, and blue.

The Mirza Hookah Lounge is located in Manchester.

This is the bar where you can order hookahs from a range of different brands.

If you have any questions about hookahs in the UAE, ask a friend.

What do you need before you try hookahs?

Before you go, you need a clean hookah.

You should only have to wash the hooka after you’ve smoked it for at least 10 minutes.

You need to be careful when using it.

When you’ve finished smoking it, you should return the hookahan to the lounge.

Hookah pipes are made of plastic.

This means that they can be dirty, so it’s important to keep them clean, too.

You might want to use a towel to wipe the tip of your hookah after each use, too, because it may be more comfortable to have the tip in the bowl and not to have it in your mouth.

You may also want to wear gloves and make sure you wear protective clothing.

Do hookahs have to be used in a public place?

Not all hookahs will be suitable for public consumption.

Some hookahs can only be used with a public area, which means that you can only use it if it is in a private area or when it is closed.

You will also need to use the hookaban after it has been smoked, but you can use it after you leave the hookabash room, too if you prefer.

There is also a special section in the hookagash room that is for use in private homes, but most hookah bars are open to the public.

If the hookafah is smoking outside, you can’t use it in public places.

If you do decide to use hookah in a place where smoking is allowed, you will need to check whether the place is smoke-free, smoke-only or smoke-inclusive.

You’ll need to find out whether the smoke-proofing measures are available, and if so, what they are.

You must also check whether there is any alcohol on the premises.

You cannot smoke in a room with no smoking equipment, such as a bathroom, in a restaurant, or in a pub.

The only exception is if the room is for private use.

You won’t be able to smoke inside a public toilet, so be careful if you plan to go there.

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