I’m no stranger to the joys of hookah-themed parties.

In fact, I had one of those last year, but I’m now just glad I finally found a Mirzo to celebrate my New Year’s Eve with.

The brand, which I know well from my past hookah experiences, has recently been expanding into new areas of hookahs with the launch of their new Mirza line of hookers.

They’re currently only available in the US, but you can sign up for the Mirza Lounge to receive the hookah that’s right for you.

Mirza’s new hookah comes with a rechargeable hook, which is convenient for people who have not had the luxury of a Mirzas hookah before.

The hookah itself is a solid, but light metal rod with a glass base.

It’s about the same weight as the hook I had for years, and the only thing I noticed about it was the shape.

The Mirza also comes with an integrated water reservoir, which doubles as a mini reservoir.

The water reservoir does not replace your standard hookah bowl, so you’ll still need to carry your water with you, and it’s not a cheap upgrade.

The main draw for me is the price tag, though.

The standard Mirza comes with $40 in refillable batteries, which are a bit pricey, especially since there’s a large hole in the base of the hook.

However, Mirza has a “water-less” option, which comes in at $20.

I bought mine for my partner, and he was excited to see how he could use it.

I’ve heard the Mirzans water-less option can get quite hot, and my partner and I found that out the hard way when he used it.

The glass base makes it feel more like a glass tank than a water pipe, and Mirza recommends putting your hook in it to keep the water cool.

The downside to Mirza is that the hook has a very small hook handle.

It doesn’t really fit in the palm of my hand when I’m holding the hook, and I wish there was a longer hook handle that I could get in there.

However the hook handles are actually quite easy to use, and they are made from a high-quality material that feels great in the hand.

There’s a good amount of space for your hand to rest on, and there’s also a pocket to keep your water on the hook and your device.

Mirzamans hook is also available in a glass version, but that doesn’t come with an inline hook, as I found out after I started using the Mirzo Lounge.

You’ll need to order a Mirzer or Mirzo Hookah Pen separately if you’re going to order the hookahs.

The $40 Mirza Hookah is one of the best deals around, and you can pick one up from Mirza for $30, or for $35 with an adapter.

It may not be the most expensive hookah around, but it definitely is a good value for someone who is looking for a hookah with a lot of room for their hook and their device.

You can get more information on the Mirzan hookah here.

Read more about hookah brands in this article from The American Conservatives.

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