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Why does the world’s most popular hookah bar in America still use the old “Hookah” name?

What was once called “Hooks” has become “Apple”.


Because Apple is the company behind the iPhone.


Apple is a company that manufactures and sells gadgets.

Apple doesn’t sell hookahs, so they just changed the name.

The reason for the change?

Hookah bar owner Dave Williams has been trying to get the name changed since 2010, when he tried to trademark the name and trademark his bar’s name.

He finally won on October 1, 2016, when the US Patent and Trademark Office granted his request.

Now, Apple’s trademark application is still pending.

The new Apple hookah company is called “Apple Hookah Bar”, and it is the new name of the company.

It was announced this morning in a press release.

It has been trademarked by Apple, which will be the new trademark holder.

We are excited to introduce a brand new product to the Hookah world, which combines the elegance of Apple, the simplicity of Hookah, and the versatility of Apple.

As the most successful hookah brand in the world, Apple Hookah will bring a world-class hookah experience to a new generation of consumers, and will be a great addition to the industry.

It’s not the first time Apple has trademarked a brand name.

In October of 2014, Apple used the name “Hollywood” in an attempt to trademark “Hip Hop”.

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