By now, you know that smoking is one of the top tourist attractions in the world.

It’s one of those things that you don’t need to get in your car to do, but you do need to be in a place where you can smoke.

Philly hookahs, or barhqas, are the best, according to an international survey of hotel operators conducted by

So when a restaurant offers you a bottle of wine and a bottle (or two) of hookah, it’s no wonder that you want to get a shot.

And if you’re not a regular hookah user, then you definitely need to check out a bar in the city.

Check out our top 10 hookah lounges in the nation.1.

The Old Town, Philadelphia’s Old Town The Old City is the heart of the city, with plenty of restaurants and bars.

The only thing you have to do to enjoy the Old Town is find a spot that’s open late on a Tuesday night and grab a bite to eat.

Check it out:2.

The Big House, Philadelphia The Big Palace is the center of Philadelphia’s cultural scene, featuring art galleries, museums, concert halls, a live jazz band, and many other events.

You can get in on the nightlife as well, but the Big House is the best choice for hookah drinks, and that’s something you can’t find at many bars.3.

The Lazy Susan, Philadelphia Just outside of the Old City, you’ll find the Lazy-Susan, a popular watering hole in Philadelphia.

If you’re looking for a great way to catch up with friends or just enjoy some time together, you can try to get to The Lazys on a Thursday night, or on a Saturday, when the crowds are lighter.

The restaurant also offers free wi-fi throughout the night.4.

The Ritz-Carlton, Philadelphia While you can get the Ritz for less than $40 a night, you’re going to want to spend a bit more to enjoy it, especially if you plan on taking a group.

The hotel’s hookah lounge and bar are both great places to get together.5.

The Palace, Philadelphia If you love music and dancing, you should definitely head to The Palace.

This is one bar that’s a big draw, and it’s also the place to enjoy some good hookah with some friends.

It has a DJ and a DJ booth that you can dance to, so you can be in the room with the music and just have a good time.6.

The Black Pearl, Philadelphia This restaurant has the best cocktails in Philadelphia, and there are many good spots to go for drinks.

If the bar isn’t packed, you may want to head over to The Black Pagoda, which has a pool table, a dart board, and an arcade that’s all covered with arcade games.7.

The Tavern, Philadelphia A great place to watch live jazz is at the Tavern.

The venue is a little out of the way, but it’s well-located, so if you have a party and you don´t want to drive to Philly, you have some great options for hookahs in the vicinity.8.

The Cucina, Philadelphia In the heart.

If it’s the center, you could find yourself in the center.

Located in the heart is The Cuca, a bar and lounge with an extensive cocktail menu.

It offers a full bar, and if you want a bit of a break from the music, there are live DJ’s who are always on the move, so it’s a good place to unwind.9.

The Foothill Bar, Philadelphia You can also find a great hookah spot in the Foothills.

The Bar is a great spot to hang out and get your shots if you don�t want any crowds.

It also has an open bar, so there are plenty of options for drinking.10.

The Westin, Philadelphia For a more laid back experience, check out The West Inn, which is located in the Westin.

It�s a popular hangout for Philly residents, but there are lots of great bars and lounging areas in the area.

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