When you think of NYC, you probably think of its famous coffee shops and hot spot hangouts, but it also has a growing number of recreational venues. 

The city has banned all hookahs in the city, and now, a group of locals have come up with a plan to try and get them back in the area.

The group, known as Weed Hookah Bar and Hideout, has set up shop in the neighborhood of Park Slope and is working to get them to stay put. 

“It’s just a matter of time before they come back,” said Weed Hookahs owner Ryan Mazzarella. 

Mazzarella and other Weed Hooks members have been working on a plan for weeks.

The plan involves moving Weed Hooka Bars to a vacant warehouse on Park Slopes, and having them open up a full hookah bar with a full kitchen and bar. 

Once they get their hooks back in, Mazzaria said he and other members of the Weed Hookaballs will be able to reopen a hookahs bar in the same spot.

“It’ll be a place for people to come and have a hooka, or go out and have lunch, and then just chill out and relax,” Mazzatta said.

Mazzatta and his team have already set up a crowdfunding page to help pay for the rent and equipment to reopen the hookah lounge.

The money will go towards the purchase of the space, which will be open to the public during the first two weeks of February.

Mazzattis team will also have a bar at the same location and will be allowed to rent it out as they see fit.

Mizorris plans to bring hookahs back to the neighborhood, but he’s not ruling out another move to the next city, or a new location.

“We’re definitely looking at it.

We have other places that are already up and running that have a similar vibe, and I think we’ll definitely see what happens,” he said.

“But right now, it’s just something that we’re just waiting to see.”

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