The city has become the hottest spot in the country for hookah users, as hookah bars have taken over bars, hotels, restaurants, clubs and other spots.

According to data compiled by Bloomberg New York, the hookahs have been a big draw in New York City, where a growing number of people are opting to have sex on the streets and in the parks.

The hookah boom is fueled in part by tourists and hookah clubs have also become popular with locals.

The boom is also fueled by a variety of factors, including the fact that hookah owners have long been the face of the hookup culture.

As a result, there are a number of hookah establishments across the city, ranging from a small number of establishments with small staffs to larger chains that serve a variety in size, from a couple of hookahs in a strip club to a full bar with tables and couches.

Hookah bars are also finding a niche in the burgeoning gay community, which is also finding hookahs a lucrative market, as well as gay dating and hookup apps.

Here are the top five hookah shops in NYC, according to Bloomberg New Yorks data: 1.

T-Buck’s Hookah Shop NYC (5 stars) The T-buck’s shop at 1038 Broadway is located at the corner of Broadway and Seventh Avenue.

The restaurant serves up a variety items, including hookah accessories, hookah products and even hookah balls, which are a popular alternative to ice.

There are several different hookah setups and you can even take a shot in the pool or go on a date in the hot tub, according the menu.

The food is good, but the waitresses there are super friendly and the prices are reasonable.

The place also has an ATM machine, so you can cash in your credit card to make purchases.

T+ 1.

The Black Diamond Hookah Cafe NYC (4 stars) This popular hookah bar on Broadway at Broadway and 5th Avenue is located in a space that has been converted into a bar and is now called The Black diamond.

You can get your hookah fix from a wide variety of different hookahs, including black, white, gold, black and white gold.

The space has a great mix of hookups and couples as well, but it does have a little bit of a vibe.

It is open late on weekdays and is a nice place to hang out and have a nice time.

T 2.

The Vibe Hookah Bar NYC (3 stars) Located at the end of Broadway at Fifth Avenue, this Hookah bar has a large bar area and outdoor patio.

The vibe here is very relaxed and relaxed, which makes it a great place to chill out and unwind.

The atmosphere here is nice and there is even a little area where you can take a seat and smoke.

T 3.

The Hookah House NYC (2 stars) Another popular hookup bar, this is a great hookah place in a busy Broadway neighborhood.

It’s located at 10th Street, just off of Sixth Avenue and serves a variety hookahs and accessories, as do other locations in the neighborhood.

The location is also great for hookups as the vibe here has a very nice vibe, according The Hookahs owner.

T 4.

The New York Hookah Room NYC (1 star) This is a good hookah spot in a nice area on the Upper East Side.

It has a comfortable bar and outdoor area with plenty of seating, according Vibe hookah owner.

The waitresses here are super nice and friendly.

The price is reasonable.

T 5.

The White Diamond Hookahs NYC (0 stars) A few of the more popular hookahs at this bar are the White Diamonds, which features hookahs with white colored beads, and the Blue Diamonds.

The room is a mix of all of the above hookahs.

The prices here are reasonable, but there are more expensive ones in the area.

T 6.

The Cane Street Hookah NYC (9 stars) While the Cane street hookah is popular in the gay community due to its unique flavor, there’s one hookah that’s a bit more unique than others.

The cactus hookah at this restaurant is called the Cactus hook, which means the fruit on the cactus was a good match for the hooka.

The owner of the restaurant told Bloomberg New york that the cacti were a perfect match for hookahs because they were high in vitamin C, which was the most important ingredient for hooking up.

The customers who go there are generally in their late 20s to 30s, and are looking for hookup experience.

There’s a small hookup section for people who have more experience and can handle more pressure.

If you’re looking for a great spot to have a hookup at, this could be the place to go. T

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