The most popular hookah bar in Houston has a reputation for being one of the city’s best and most sought after, with some locals even calling it one of their favorite spots to enjoy a relaxing night in.

The Hookah Lounge in downtown Houston is one of a handful of establishments in Houston that offer both indoor and outdoor hookah lounges.

In addition to indoor hookah and lounge lounging, the restaurant is home to a variety of other cool cocktails, including a Blackjack and the Black and Blue.

While most of the menu at the Hookah Room is geared towards casual hookah-loving Texans, the menu also features a number of tasty new items.

For instance, the $2.99 Blackjack is a delicious and easy-to-prepare concoction with a simple base that’s great for a short, chilled sip.

While you may not have to wait for it to heat up to be enjoyed, it’s also a good way to start your day.

The Blackjack can also be served on the go as well as in a glass and comes with a bottle of the popular Blue Label vodka.

The restaurant has a variety on its menu including the $10.95 Cabana Cabana (with a few other items) and the $12.50 Blackjack.

It’s also worth noting that there are two outdoor hookahs available at the venue, one located in the back and one located on the roof of the restaurant.

The outdoor hookhah lounge in downtown is home of a variety, including indoor and indoor hookahs, as well a large selection of cocktails.

The hookah lounge is the place to grab a drink after a day of work and take your time to relax, enjoy a few delicious drinks and relax with friends.

With the best of hookah bars, a good tip, and good service, it can be a pretty safe bet to get some quality time in Houston.

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