In 2014, the happiest country was the United States, followed by France, the UK, and the Netherlands.

But there’s a long way to go before we know if the best and worst countries are on the same plane.

What is the most happiest country in the world?

The World Happiness Report, which is based on survey data from over 70 countries, divides countries into four categories, based on their happiness scores.

The top five happiest countries are: Denmark, Denmark, Norway, Sweden, and Ireland.

The United States is ranked sixth.

A country’s score in each category can be compared against the United Nations’ Human Development Index, which measures how well countries are doing in four key indicators: literacy, health, education, and job creation.

This table shows the happiest countries in the history of the United Nation’s human development index, with countries in blue on the left, and red on the right.

The World Health Organization ranks countries according to these indicators.

Happiness scores for different countries In the past, the World Happiness Index has ranked countries on a scale from 1 to 100, with 100 being the happiest.

However, there is a major difference between the most and the least happy countries in recent years.

In 2015, the most happy country was Iceland, which scored 100, but that score dropped to 91 in 2016.

Norway, which was ranked at 98 in the past year, scored 99.

Sweden and Ireland scored 100 and 100 respectively in 2016, which suggests that countries like these may be experiencing a trend of increasing happiness over time.

Denmark is one of the happiest nations in the Western world.

Denmark has been ranked at the top of the happiness index for the past few years, as well.

It scored 98.

The happiest country on the index is Iceland, but there’s more to happiness than just its ranking.

The most popular destinations for holidaymakers are Copenhagen and Stavanger, and both of these cities are also highly rated by international tourism agencies.

There are also some other destinations where happiness is highly correlated to life satisfaction.

A number of countries score higher than 100 in happiness, but this is not a complete list.

These countries are ranked based on a variety of factors.

The least happy country in 2016 was Denmark.

This is followed by Iceland, Norway and the UK.

The second least happy is Finland.

It is ranked at 87.

This place is a relatively small country and it has very low levels of unemployment and poverty.

The next least happy place is Australia.

This country has an unemployment rate of just 6.4%.

This means that a lot of people are still looking for work and it is still a very attractive place to live.

A third place in the happiness rankings is Hong Kong, which has a GDP per capita of just $5,800.

This places Hong Kong at the bottom of the table for most of the world.

Another place with a very low level of happiness is Ireland, which scores 81.

The third most unhappy place in 2016 is Canada, which had a GDP growth rate of 1.9%, which places Canada at the third worst place in this year’s report.

The UK, which ranks fourth in the list of happiest countries, has a negative GDP growth of 4.9%.

This place ranks fourth for most other European countries.

The US has a positive GDP growth for the second year in a row.

However the economy is experiencing a huge decline, with unemployment at a whopping 10.6%.

Another place in decline is the UK’s economy.

The average annual rate of job creation is a dismal 5.7%.

This is due in part to the Brexit vote.

The GDP growth in the United Kingdom, however, has been growing at a faster rate than the rest of Europe, which places the United State at the very bottom of all of the lists.

The only country in which happiness has increased significantly over the past two years is Sweden, which now scores 96.

The countries with the least happiness are the Netherlands, Germany, and Denmark.

The Netherlands is still one of Europe’s happiest countries and it ranks fourth overall in the index.

Germany is currently in the middle of the rankings, but it is in a different place from the United states.

The EU’s worst performing economy is the Netherlands at a GDP rate of 6.8%.

This country ranks third overall for most European countries, with Denmark and Sweden in the top five.

The bottom three happiest countries on the list are the United Arab Emirates (UNAMID), Iraq, and Jordan.

In 2017, UNAMID was ranked 78th out of all countries.

While Iraq and Jordan had high levels of joblessness, they were ranked at 90th and 91st respectively.

This suggests that Iraq and Kuwait, both of which are heavily dependent on oil revenues, may be on the verge of a collapse.

In addition, UNAMI’s score dropped from 100 to 75.

While Norway has a very high rate of unemployment, the rate is actually decreasing.

The Norway is one the most well-known destinations for vacationers. The

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