LONDON — Dubai’s Dubai Hotels Group, which owns the world’s biggest hotel chain, has been awarded a major award for hookah Lounge.

Dubai Hotels, which is owned by the Dubai government, has won the “Best in Class” Award from the World’s Best Hotel Association.

The award is a recognition of the high standards of the hotels, which are owned by Dubai Municipality and run by a team of professionals.

The award is awarded annually to hotel managers who have contributed to the success of a hotel and to hotel owners, who have delivered exceptional service and amenities.

The hotel group has also won a prestigious award for “Best of the Best” for its services, such as the high-quality hookah bar and the cleanliness of its facilities.

The best-in-class award is given annually to hotels that have “the best” in their hotel categories.

The association’s chairman, Mr. Ali Shihabi, said Dubai HotELS was the “best hotel group in the world”.

“This award recognises that we do everything in our power to ensure that guests and guests’ families are satisfied with the experience they have received while in Dubai,” Mr. Shihab said.

The hotel manager at the Hotel of Dubai said he was “honoured” by the award.

“We have taken great care of the guests and families in Dubai and we have worked hard to improve the quality of our services.

We are proud of what we do and are proud to be recognized by the best hotel group for our efforts,” the manager said.

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