In the summer of 2017, the Israel National Parks Authority (INPA) decided to expand its popular lava-hookah lounge in Jerusalem’s Kfar Hanegev district, a popular tourist destination.

“Lava hookah lounges are popular because they are convenient, they are affordable, and they are an effective way to provide a place for hookah smoking,” says Moshe Gansin, director general of the INPA.

“But we found that the public doesn’t know what it means to smoke a cigarette or how to properly use it.

It is difficult to find a smoking location in Jerusalem, which is why we decided to make a lounge.

We want to introduce a hookah-smoking culture in the city.””

We had to learn to adapt to the needs of our clients, and we decided that we should offer a lounge, because it was so important to us that we did so.”

The lounge is located at the junction of the old Kfar Gersh street, a major street in the area, and the former Jewish cemetery.

The entrance to the lounge is marked with a red light, and when the lounge opens, it has an electronic cigarette and hookah lighting system.

There are several small hookah shops that have already opened, as well as a cafe, an outdoor cafe, and a snack bar.

But the lounge has yet to attract visitors.

The lounge has been expanded since the launch of the new program.

A number of visitors have also been able to use the lounge for their hookah, including a number of young couples.

A hookah is a tobacco cigarette that is smoked over an open flame, and there are different kinds of tobacco, from pure white to dark brown.

The smoke from the hookah burns for a few minutes, and then the cigarette is inhaled.

The user then takes a sip of the smoke, and inhales again.

The nicotine content of a cigarette is higher than that of a hookahs, so hookah smokers don’t need to worry about getting addicted.

There is no need to fill up your tank when smoking a cigarette, as the smoke is taken from the end of the pipe.

The use of hookahs in Israel has been increasing.

In the years from 2011 to 2016, hookah sales increased by 25 percent, according to the Jerusalem District Health Department.

However, the number of hookah users in Israel in 2017 was around 13,000.

This has resulted in a decline in the number and the quality of the hookahs.

The INPA’s plan to introduce hookah cafes and lounge was met with resistance.

“Our proposal to expand the hookahar lounge has created a lot of controversy among the public, particularly because we are a public-private partnership,” says Gansins.

“We are concerned about public safety, but we want to make sure that the lounge can remain open and serve the public.”

Gansinos plan is to bring in the lounge’s lighting system and hookahs for the first time, and expand the lounge to the nearby Jewish cemetery, which was a popular location for hookahs and has a long history of hooking up.

He plans to invite a variety of local residents and visitors to use their hookahs at the lounge.

The idea of opening a hookahar smoking lounge in a historic place is something that has never been done before in Israel.

According to the INPAs own statistics, there are more than 2,300 hookahs around the world.

Gansino believes that hookah tourism is on the rise in Israel, and he believes that the new lounge will help the city attract more tourists.

“Israel is a tourism destination, so we are excited to introduce the hookas to the country,” he says.

“In the future, the new hookah cafe will be a popular destination for hookas, and it will provide hookahs with a place to smoke and hang out.”

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