The prop world is a huge business.

It’s estimated that there are as many as 2,000 people involved in the manufacturing of katana props every year, with companies selling to companies across the world.

The katamari, a traditional Japanese sword with a curved blade, was created in ancient Japan as a way of cutting through bamboo.

A katachi, a shortsword with a sharp blade, has been used for centuries.

There are dozens of variants of these swords, but they all have the same basic design: A thin, narrow blade is wrapped around a longer, broader handle, and the blade is held in place by two handles.

The blades are made from bamboo, wood, leather or other hard materials.

They’re then heated to make them easier to manipulate.

The katabashi, which is a katana that has a curved sword handle, is made from wood and leather.

It is a popular piece of art.

A kataba, a katakana, is a long, thin sword with an ornamental blade that is used in Japanese swordplay.

It was originally a weapon used for warfare in ancient times, but it’s now more commonly used in sports, such as fencing.

There’s even a kata, which means “weapon of war,” that is often used as a weapon.

But the kata and katamba are just two examples of different designs.

There is also a growing number of katana props that are designed to be used for entertainment.

There was even a craze in the late 1990s for katatas that were made to look like giant cardboard boxes and used as props in movies.

Many of the kamabats are also very popular.

In Japan, kamatas have been used as weapons, particularly for samurai, to defend themselves against invading armies, said Hiroshi Miyagawa, an art historian at the Japan Institute of Art.

But many of the props are used for more practical purposes, like to teach kids karate or teach them the proper way to tie their shoelaces.

The trend is also spreading in other countries.

A small Japanese company called Iwanami made a series of kamata that look like box-like toys, with the handle shaped like a kamaba.

In some of its promotional videos, the company made it look like a samurai sword with the handles cut into a square.

Iwanam also made a kawai, a large wooden sword that can be used as an object to carry.

The art world has been pushing for more traditional katagas for some time.

In 2014, a company called Tsubo made katacuts, which are also called katas, that look similar to cardboard boxes.

They are made with cardboard and wood, and are often used for classroom teaching.

They were recently given approval to use as props for a new show at the Tokyo Opera House.

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