The Hubble telescope on the Hubble Space Telescope has exploded, killing one of its instruments and injuring four others.

The Hubble was designed to be a science instrument and it was supposed to be able to detect the glow of a star, as well as the motion of an object in space.

That didn’t happen.

The Hubble telescope exploded as it was being used to detect a faint object called a “Hobbit star.”

The telescope was set to be in orbit around Earth on May 12, 2019.

The spacecraft was expected to take pictures of a bright star, which was also a possible sign that a planet was passing in front of the star.

The telescope’s operator, the Space Telescope Science Institute, says it is the first time a telescope has exploded.

But the explosion didn’t cause the telescope to go silent, instead, it caused the instrument to blow up.

The space telescope, the Hubble Heritage Program, says that it was working on a mission that was supposed a year in the making.

The mission was to detect and study a star that had recently exploded, and would then follow that star, potentially observing it for a while.

But instead, the instrument exploded.

The telescope’s instruments exploded and the observatory was unable to see the star it was studying.

It was the first of a series of failed experiments that had been planned for a year.

But it’s not yet known what caused the explosion.

The observatory is being repaired, and the mission is expected to be back in operation in 2018.

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