Hollywood hookahs have become increasingly popular in the past decade as the popularity of hookahs in cinemas and nightclubs has increased.

The first hookah bars were opened in Hollywood, Los Angeles, Las Vegas and New York.

Hollywood hookhah lounge owners began to develop a following in the 1980s, when hookah smoke was widely available in the city.

By 1990, Hollywood hookathas had expanded to include all 50 states, Canada and the United Kingdom.

Hollywood and New Orleans are now the two most popular destinations for hookah smokers.

Hollywood was the first to bring hookah cafes to the West Coast.

The chain of restaurants, hookah lounges and bars has been around for over 20 years, and has now become the world’s largest.

But Hollywood hookachas are still relatively new, with a few hundred restaurants in the United States and New Zealand.

It is the first time hookah use has been legalized in the U.S., and the first major city to do so, according to the Los Angeles Times.

As of April 2017, there were more than 6,300 establishments in the country.

But some of the earliest hookah-related incidents took place in California, where the state passed a law in 1994 allowing people over 21 to possess hookah tobacco.

In Los Angeles in 1996, a 21-year-old male was charged with the possession of marijuana.

The following year, two 21- and 21-years-old hookah users were charged with assault after a fight broke out at a nightclub in Hollywood.

In 2006, a 26-year old man was charged after police say he allegedly punched a patron who was pushing a stroller into the street.

In 2009, a 27-year to 30-year olds man was arrested on suspicion of possessing more than 100 hookahs.

In 2014, police said a 25-year, black man was beaten in a Hollywood hooka bar after he attempted to rob the place.

The owner of the popular Hollywood hookup bar The Star Bar, Mark Farrar, said that hookah was popular at his establishment.

He said the majority of hookah customers were men, but that there were occasional women, too.

He also said that some people would get into the business because it was a way to spend time together with friends, and to have a few drinks.

Farrart told Al Jazeera that there was a lot of discrimination and racism against the African American community in Hollywood at the time.

“Hollywood is not a white-owned business,” he said.

“A lot of people are very uncomfortable with hookah, but we are not a business that discriminates against anyone.”

Farrarty said hookah bar owners were often discriminated against by law enforcement officers and police officers who worked in the industry.

“There was a tendency for law enforcement to ignore it, which was a very frustrating experience for people,” he explained.

“They would just ignore it and try to take their own personal pleasure from it.”

In the early days, there was no standard for how long hookah should last, which led to some restaurants, including The Star, cutting their hours to avoid arrest.

The Star is still open to the public, but it was shut down last month for several months due to health and safety issues.

The ban on hookah usage was also extended to clubs and bars, but Farrarts said that these restrictions were not implemented evenly.

“We had a group of people who wanted to smoke hookah in the clubs and the bars, and it was not until this summer that we decided to remove it completely,” he told Al-Jazeera.

He added that it was common for people to be arrested for smoking hookah.

Fearing for their safety, many clubs in Los Angeles were forced to close for several days in June.

Some bars were forced shut down completely and others were forced by the city to make changes to their facilities.

“If you want to go to one of the clubs, they will put up signs, but if you want them to stop, they can’t,” Farrars said.

At the time, there appeared to be little enforcement, which resulted in more than 20 arrests in the LA area in May 2016.

The LA Times reported that some clubs had to close on the orders of city officials because of the increased demand.

“This is a very small number of people that have caused a problem,” Mark Fargar told the LA Times.

“It’s been a difficult time for everyone, and people have had to deal with it on their own.”

The Times said that more than two dozen clubs and hotels were closed because of health and public safety concerns.

The newspaper reported that several people died in the early years of hookahi, including an 18-year woman who died of a heart attack while in the club.

“People are dying every day in LA because of this

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