If you’re in Melbourne and you like to dive, there’s a good chance you’re at least familiar with the Blue Moon brand.

The company has been around for almost 100 years and is one of the oldest brands in Australia.

But its latest incarnation has just been launched and it’s looking like a brand that’s ready to be reborn.

We talked to Ben Gault, co-founder and CEO of Blue Moon, about what makes Blue Moon so special and what you can expect from the company’s next instalment.1.

How did the name Blue Moon come about?

Ben Gault:We were introduced to Blue Moon when we were working at the University of Queensland, we were there for about four years, and we just wanted to create a brand which was different to what we were used to.

So we wanted something that was a little bit more modern.

So we went back to the early days of the hookah and the early years of hookah culture and the people that we worked with, and they really liked what we wanted to do.

And so we started to think, ‘Why don’t we just go back to our roots and say Blue Moon?’2.

What are some of the big trends that you’re seeing now?

Ben: There are some very, very good brands in the market today that are based on innovation and cutting edge technology, which is what we’re trying to do, so that’s what we did.

We started to innovate and we went from something that we thought would be cool to something that actually works.3.

What do you think makes Blue Light different from other brands?

Ben : It’s just different, because we have our own ethos and philosophy and we’re very passionate about our brand and what we do.

So it’s a very, quite traditional brand.

We’re not trying to be an imitation of anybody.

We think that our brand is unique.

And it’s very, VERY different from what’s happening in Australia at the moment.

So, if you go into the stores and you see what’s going on, it’s not just the stuff that we do, it also has the product that we sell, which includes some of our most popular brands, like The Great White Shark and Hookah King.4.

How do you make sure that people don’t confuse you for other brands that are selling hookah products?

Ben – You know, you have to do a bit of research and you have have to make sure the product you’re going to sell is different from everything else out there.

So if it’s just the product, then we have to explain what it is and what it does.

So, if it comes in a box with some other brands on it, that’s fine, but don’t just go and buy the box.

You have to ask for what it’s actually called.

And then if it goes into a shelf and you find that it’s called a ‘hookah bowl’, then that’s okay too.5.

Do you see this as a brand with an innovation edge?

Ben, I think we are a brand, and I think it is an innovation brand, it is a brand in the sense that we’re not afraid to experiment and push the envelope and challenge the status quo.

And we’re definitely pushing the boundaries and pushing the standards.

We do things that are very innovative and we have a lot of innovation in our portfolio.

So I think that’s the thing we want to do is not just be a brand for a long time, but to change the world and to change it up.

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