Islampsur is a bustling city in southern India.

It is the capital of the Islami region of south-east India, home to a vast number of tribes, some of whom make their living in the hookah trade.

Islampsu is a city of 5,000, located on the Isamil, a large island on the Bay of Bengal.

“In the past, people would come here, take a shower, go to their house, take their bath, and then go to the river for a dip.

Now, they have been getting water for their families,” says Arjun Singh, a local fisherman.

In the summer, Islamsu is packed with tourists who travel to Islamabad and other towns along the Bay.

A small fishing village called Baradar is the scene of a large commercial fishery, which the locals use for their catch.

“In the last few years, the fishermen here are trying to get some business from the Islamsans and their fishing boats,” says Rishi Saini, the district fish commissioner.

The Islam community, who live on the small island, have a reputation for keeping their water clean.

When the fishing season is over, the residents bring the water back to their houses.

“The Isla people are very sensitive about their water,” says Singh.

But it’s not just the Isla population that is worried about the health of their water.

Many of the villages along the Islan river also suffer from high levels of pollution, and are facing a rising number of fish deaths.

One of the biggest issues is the number of people living on the water, as it is often contaminated by sewage.

“It’s not only the Islsans, but also some fishermen have complained about pollution from the sewage and factories.

They are not doing anything about it,” says Sainyar, the village water officer.

According to the World Health Organization, over 30 percent of the global population lives in countries where water quality is poor or near-poor.

As the world’s largest water user, India is the third largest producer of tap water, after China and the US.

“With the introduction of a major water pollution control programme, we are aiming to increase our water quality and reduce pollution,” says Murali Sain, a senior manager, Isla Water Products, a Delhi-based company.

“Our goal is to reduce the impact on the environment and increase the number and variety of fish on Islammur.”

The campaign to clean Islamin water has already started.

Officials have started distributing water filters to households and businesses in the city.

Residents are being asked to stay away from the river until it is cleared.

On one corner of the island, the Islahi community is also planning to start a project to bring the lake water back.

It is also asking people to keep their distance from Islamese fishermen.

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