The Nebu Lounge is the newest addition to the Nebu family of hookah bars.

The lounge is currently open to all but one of the Nebs and they’ve even made some changes to the formula to make it a more relaxed hangout.

The Nebs are not your typical hookah house, but they’ve got a very different approach to their food, cocktails, and drinks.

They don’t make any special cocktails and their food is pretty standard and even if you don’t have a taste for hookah, there’s plenty of good food on offer.

It’s a little like a college hangout, except you can relax and relax with Nebu.

It will also be open to the public on Friday and Saturday nights.

There are a couple of free events throughout the week as well, but for the most part, the Nebes will be staying at the poolside area.

The pool is just a few feet away from the lounge, but you’ll need to go around the corner if you want to play hookah.

Nebu is located at 441 S. Harbor Blvd., Miami Beach, FL 33131.

Check their website for the full menu.

Nebs have an amazing cocktail list and they do a great job of introducing new flavors to their menu.

Their main drink is the Neban, which is a classic hookah cocktail made with chilled gin, lemon juice, and pineapple.

The cocktail is served in a cocktail glass with a garnish of fresh lemon.

The cocktails on their menu are typically priced at $4-$5, and the NeBs also offer $5 hookah cocktails, which are pretty simple to make, but great for those who like to mix things up.

If you’re looking for a fun, casual hookah experience, you’ll find that the Nebies are the place for you.

If not, Nebs might just be a great place to go for a little more variety and variety.

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