A new hookahs lounge in Brisbane has sparked debate about whether the establishment is a “fantastic” or “fancy” place.

Key points: The hookah bar at The Roxy in Brisbane is the latest in a series of hookahs loungues in Brisbane and PerthThe new hookash lounge at The Hotel Roxy has sparked controversy after a customer posted pictures of it on Instagram”I was very disappointed to see that there was not a great deal of excitement about the lounge.

We had heard that there would be, but I was quite surprised,” said Roxy patron Chris Wier, who was not named in the Instagram post.”

I’m very, very impressed with the food and service here.

I like the quality of the products and I’m very happy to have the option of hookah.”

It’s a great place to come and have a few drinks, and you can sit and smoke a hookah or get a good smoke in there and relax.

“The hookahs bar at the Hotel Rupp in Brisbane opened in December and attracted rave reviews.

The lounge’s owner, Mr James Rupp, said he had been approached by a number of customers who had commented about the place being “fanciful”.

He said that a number had expressed interest in taking up the option to get a hookahs tobacco, but he had not had any of those requests turned down.”

There are plenty of places in the city to get the smoke in, but the hookahs here is a unique place,” he said.”

The staff at the lounge are super knowledgeable, very helpful, and really enjoy being here.

“As a matter of fact, I was in the lounge for three hours last night and I was surprised at how many people there were, it’s definitely something special.”

Mr Rupp said the lounge was one of a number he had opened in the past few years.

“My wife and I started hookah clubs in our hometown, so this is one of the things that’s really new,” he told news.com;au.

“We’re trying to get some customers to come in, and I think that the new lounge is a great way to do that.”‘

It’s an elegant place’The new lounge at the hotel was not the first time the Rupps lounge attracted controversy.

In February this year, a customer sent a picture of a hookash tobacco product to The Rupp’s Instagram account.

The caption read: “It’s not going to be good, but it’s an awesome way to start the day and I’d like to thank you for the free hookahs!”

In another picture, the Rups posted a photograph of a hand holding a cigarette on a table, which the caption read “Smoking a hookaboo is an awesome experience.”

In a statement, The Rups said they had received a number a negative responses, but said the staff at The Lounge were very welcoming.

“Everyone is welcome at our hookah spot,” the statement read.

“When you’re not a fan of the taste of a cigarette or the flavour of a tobacco product, the staff here are there to support you and make sure that you’re enjoying your experience.”

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