It’s the ultimate hooka resort in Australia. 

You can have a great time, enjoy the ambiance and the great view of the world from the hotel. 

But you can’t have a nice day. 

It’s not a vacation, it’s a place to have a hookah. 

When I say that I mean it. 

The Brisbane Hookah Bar is the best place in the country to have your hookah at. 

Here are the reasons why: Hookah in Brisbane is a great place to chill out and relax on the weekends. 

With over 20 hours of hookah time on offer and a relaxed atmosphere, the venue is a safe haven for locals and tourists alike. 

As you head into the bar, you’ll find an endless supply of beautiful and tasty drinks, a variety of indoor and outdoor tables and a host of hookahs and lounges to choose from. 

Whether you’re just starting out, or you’re an experienced hookah player, the Brisbane Hookah bar is the perfect place to get started. 

I recommend the Barrio Lounge if you’re in the mood for a quiet, relaxing escape. 

For those looking for something more adventurous, you can head to the Brisbane Smokehouse. 

If you’ve never smoked, this is the place for you. 

This indoor smokehouse offers a range of hooka pipes and hookah accessories and is a perfect place for people of all ages. 

There are also some cool events and special events in the Brisbane area, including the Summer of the Hookah, a free hookah night every Saturday night, and the Great Western Hookah Festival. 

Bryan and I also like to go to the Bruvies Hotel Bar. 

A great place for hookah, it has a great atmosphere and you can relax and have some great conversations. 

After enjoying some great drinks and a great night out, I like to head to The Great Northern Hookah Hotel Bar and Grill for a few rounds of hooky and have a couple of rounds of the great Northern Hooka with a few of my mates. 

While you’re here, don’t forget to get in touch with me if you have any questions.

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