The opening of New York City’s first gay-friendly hookah bar in Brooklyn on Thursday brought cheers and applause from some customers.

The new Lounge Bar, located at 627 Broadway in the trendy Williamsburg neighborhood, will open its doors to patrons on January 8.

The bar will have four bars in its lobby, including two that will feature lounge areas and two full bar areas.

“This is a place that is open to everyone, gay or straight, gay men or straight women,” the bar’s website says.

“The Lounge Bar will serve all of our guests the same way.”

The lounge will also feature two lounge rooms, a bar area and a dance floor.

The lounge bar’s lounge will be called the Lounge Lounge. 

The lounge bar will serve the same customers as other hookah bars around the world.

The city’s first such lounge bar opened in Los Angeles in March, in the same building that houses the now-defunct Vibe Lounge, the first LGBT-friendly bar in the US.

A number of LGBT-specific hookah venues opened in New York in recent years, including a new gay bar called “Salty Shrimp” in Manhattan’s SoHo neighborhood, and a lounge in the Williamsburg area that was open only to men and now is exclusively for lesbians. 

New York’s LGBT community welcomed the opening of the first gay hookah-themed bar in New Yorker’s Row. 

“I was super excited,” said Michael Schurr, who is a gay male and a member of the Williamsboro-based gay-rights group Queerty.

“I think it’s a huge step forward.

“The hookah is a safe space, so I’m super happy that we can have it in our city,” he added. “

New York City is known for being so progressive, and for being a gay-positive city, and it’s not a city that’s necessarily going to embrace you, but it is welcoming and welcoming and welcomes you.” 

“The hookah is a safe space, so I’m super happy that we can have it in our city,” he added. 

(Photo credit: Getty Images) Gay-friendly venues around the country have long been on the rise in recent decades, especially in urban areas, such as New York, San Francisco, Portland and Denver.

The trend has been on a steep upward trajectory, according to the LGBT advocacy group Lambda Legal.

The number of LGBTQ venues in the United States has doubled in the past 20 years, according the Human Rights Campaign, to 6.5 percent in 2013 from 4.6 percent in 2003. 

According to Lambda, in 2015 there were more than 10,000 LGBT-inclusive venues across the country, with the majority of them in major metropolitan areas. 

While the gay-themed venues will be limited to the gay men in the lobby, the lounge will have the option to be open to both genders, which may be more common in the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender communities, according Lambda. 

This article originally appeared on The Gay News, a national LGBTQ news source with the Gayborhood in New York, published by the Gay, Lesbian and Straight Education Network.

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