New York, NY (October 14, 2018) – New York’s first free hookah bar is officially opening to the public in Manhattan’s SoHo neighborhood.

The “free hookahs lounge” will be open from October 14 through December 20, offering patrons free hookahs, soda and alcohol.

The bar will be located on the second floor of the newly-opened Cafe La Vida, which is located on East 33rd Street between Fifth and Sixth Avenues.

This will be the second location for the “free” hookah.

A free hookas lounge has been open for more than a decade, with several locations located in New York and around the world.

The lounge will also feature live music, a live DJ, and a full bar, including a bar tab with a live dance floor, bar menu, and drink service.

The owners of the lounge are known for their fun, relaxed atmosphere, and they hope to open the lounge in time for the 2018 New Year.

The cafe La Vidias founders, Marjane LaValle, and Adam Cohen are from France.

The founders of La Vidi, a French restaurant chain, and the La Vidia Cafe in NYC, opened a similar free hook-ah lounge in Paris last year.

The Freehookah lounge will be available for pre-order on October 15, with the opening on December 20.

This is a new and innovative concept that can be found in the city of New York.

Free hookahs lounges have been available for years in cities around the globe.

The concept has been used in places like South Korea, India, Singapore, and even in the UK.

Many of the places that have tried to create a free hookahan lounge have been criticized for catering to alcohol consumption, not hookahs.

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