Las Vegas (CNN) New Vegas residents are getting a taste of the new hookah lounges opening up this weekend, but some have noticed something missing.

New Vegas residents, especially those living in the Las Vegas area, have long been asked by their friends if they wanted to go to hookah clubs.

So far, the answer has been no.

New hookah bars are popping up in Vegas, Las Vegas and surrounding areas but few of them have been opened to the public yet.

That’s where the new resorts at the Mandalay Bay and Planet Hollywood come in.

They will open to the general public this weekend.

While it’s easy to dismiss these loungers as a novelty for the general Las Vegas public, the hookah has become so popular among locals that the hookahs there are being developed by resorts like Mandalay.

Many people have even gone so far as to have their own hookah bar.

This is not a new concept for the hookaboos.

Las Vegas was once home to the first known hookah cafe in the world.

The Cafe Las Vegas, which opened in 1926, was a one-woman operation.

The hookah scene in Las of the 1920s was largely underground, but it was in the early days of the hotel industry that many of the first hookah cafes opened in Las.

And while the city has had a large number of hookah shops since the 1920’s, it was the Hotel Vegas, where hotelier Charles and Emily Booth established the first one-man hookah operation, which was soon expanded into a chain.

The first hookahs at the Hotel Las Vegas were known as the Black Keys.

At the same time, hotels were becoming increasingly popular for people who were looking to make a living and they had more and more guests coming to the hotel for a few nights.

And as the hotel economy was growing, so were the number of customers.

Hotel managers would start to advertise that they would open a hookah restaurant and they would get more and better recommendations.

And so it was that the first Las Vegas hookahs opened up.

At first, people were just hanging around and waiting for the right place to go and there was no indication that these hookahs were really going to make it.

And then a couple of years later they were opening up, and they were doing well.

Then, the people who wanted to come to Las Vegas would say, ‘I want to go hookah at this hookah place, but I don’t know if this is the right hookah for me.’

And it was because of this lack of information and lack of knowledge.

So we’re really trying to give people a little bit of information, because we know that there are lots of hookahs and we know it’s going to be a good experience.

But this isn’t something that we’re doing because we’re in the casino business, but we want people to feel comfortable and they want to come and try it.

We’ve already been seeing people from all over come to the lounge, we’ve seen people from New Jersey and we’ve also seen people who are from the Bay Area and people who live in other areas come, and we’re trying to make that experience as comfortable as possible for them.

The hookah culture is growing so much in Las, it’s really become part of the Vegas experience.

At Planet Hollywood, the Hookah Lounge is open for guests to enjoy a few drinks, get their first hooka experience and meet people who want to experience the hooka culture.

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