New hookah lounge DC has been open for more than five months but only recently started accepting orders

In January, I decided to go for a little break.

I’d been a bit hung up on the hookah and the whole hookah-smoking thing, and now it was time to get back to it.

I had some new friends, so I headed out to a cafe, the Olive Tree, and ordered some of their famous coffee drinks.

They were tasty, but I wasn’t ready to take it to the next level yet.

I was ready for a break, too, but not before making a few visits to the Olive Trees.

The first one I made was a bowl of their original coffee.

This time, I chose to make the coffee in a wooden bowl rather than a plastic one.

It was a bit more expensive, but it made for a better bowl.

I ended up with a $7.75 cup, so that was a win.

The Olive Tree had a second location in the Washington area, so there were a few new regulars at the cafe, including a few regulars from the nearby bars.

I went there again to get the coffee, but this time I was there for three days, and the cafe was full.

The third visit was a surprise.

I took a different route, and headed to the nearby Olive Tree.

The cafe was also full, but they were just as good as the first time.

The coffee was good, but the atmosphere was a little more laid back, so it didn’t work for me.

This was the last time I visited the Olive Wood.

I would definitely recommend going there.

It is a great place to get a good drink, and it has a pretty good selection of hookah tobacco, too.

This is my first time coming here, but you can definitely tell that they care about their customers, as you can see they keep the regulars coming back.

In the summer months, I love going to the olive trees, but there are also a few other places in the area that are better for smoking hookah.

I highly recommend trying out the new Olive Tree lounge DC.

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