Mystique, one of the premier hookah lounges in the UAE, has announced plans to open a new hotel in a residential area of Dubai.

According to a statement posted on Instagram, the hotel will be located at the entrance to the residential area known as The Mystique, in the Makkah district of Dubai, and will be the first hotel of its kind in the country.

“Mystique Hookah Lounge is a unique hotel and is designed to provide guests with an intimate experience that is unique to Dubai,” the statement said.

“The hotel is located near the Makkar hotel and the residential district.

The hotel will offer a luxurious experience and will bring a new element to the UAE and its people,” it added.

Mystiquel Hookah Bar and Lounge is currently owned by a UAE businessman.

Its main function is to provide hookah services to guests.

The hotel’s owners have said the new hotel will also be open to all types of visitors, including students, business people and even members of the public.

In addition, the statement also said that guests can relax and enjoy a delicious cocktail made from premium ingredients and fresh and local ingredients.

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