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‘It’s about a woman’s health’ at the ‘unthinkable’ London hookah shop, according to a new interview

London hookahs are now being sold at more than 200 different locations across the UK.

But is it a healthy alternative to smoking indoors?

Find out what you need to know about the city’s hottest new venue.

‘It could be a great place to buy hookahs,’ said Lizzie Johnson, the London-based owner of London hookies, which opened last year.

‘But it’s not a health centre, it’s a hookah.’

London hookie Lizzies ‘We’re a shop that offers the best value for money for our customers,’ she said.

‘People don’t want to be treated like junkies.

It’s about having the choice and being able to make that choice.’

Johnson, who moved to London from Australia, says she doesn’t sell tobacco products.

‘I just smoke hookahs because they’re so much safer and safer than cigarettes.

‘London is so big and the hookah is such a unique location.

It has the most popular venue in London, so I feel it’s about bringing people together.’

London-born hookah addict Lizzys’ ‘I have been addicted to hookahs for almost 20 years,’ she told BuzzFeed News.

‘And I know what hookahs can do for people.’

The London-area shop has already sold out of its first set of 20.

‘We are going to sell all the smoke products we have, and have sold out on a number of different occasions,’ Johnson said.

London hookiys ‘We were looking at every single corner of the city.

We are a shop with a lot of different customers, so we are always working on getting a feel for them.

‘As long as there are customers in there, we will continue to do what we can to keep our prices low and keep the prices low for the customers.’

London’s hookah scene is changing rapidly.

Last year, more than 30,000 people flocked to London to smoke hookah.

But the Londoners who have been to the shops are becoming increasingly aware of the health risks of hookah use, according.

‘If you smoke hooka in a restaurant, that’s a big risk,’ said Elizabeth Williams, who works as a health educator.

‘You are going down to the restaurant, you are going out, and you are not getting the right advice about what you are inhaling.’

‘It can be very risky to inhale anything that has nicotine.

So people don’t do that when they go out to hookah bars, so people need to get the proper information before they go in.

‘So many people who have used hookah before, they think it’s safe, but they are really putting themselves at risk.’

London Hookahs are available for £7 per person in restaurants, £9 per person at home, and £11 per person on premises, according the London Office for Health and Safety.

London’s new location is called the Lizziewood Lounge, which has also launched an online shop.

‘This is a great new location and it’s just the beginning,’ Lizzi Johnson said, adding that the hookahs she sells at the London Lounge ‘aren’t a tobacco product.

They’re the same quality as cigarettes.

They don’t have any additives.

They are smokeless tobacco.’

The lounge’s menu includes ‘champagne, wine, cider, and spirits’, as well as hookah cocktails, ‘cinnamon ice cream’, and a ‘bouquet of sweet, spicy, and floral’ sweets.

London Hookah Lounge ‘We want people to come in and have a great time, and that’s the goal,’ said London hookiah owner Lizzy Johnson.

‘The hookah has to be safe, it has to have a good vibe.

It needs to have the right people around it, and we are all about that.’

London London hooka lounge Lizz Johnson is currently in the process of opening a new location in Liverpool, which will also feature the London hookas.

‘Our shop is the hub of the London area, so it’s important to us that people come here and be able to shop and have their hookahs, which are safe, healthy, and affordable,’ Johnson told BuzzFeed.

‘There are a lot more London-wide hookahs than there are in Liverpool.

It will be very exciting to have that kind of business.’

The lounge will also be the location for the London London Hooka Club, which I’m very excited about.

It was a long time coming, but I’m really excited about it.

‘At the moment, we’re only getting around 500 people in there.

It would be great if we could have 100,000 in there.’

London has become a major hub for the international industry of hookahs and other cannabis-related products, as more

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