Here are five tips to help you smoke a hookah with the proper etiquette and security.1.

Never touch your hookahs or utensils.

If you’re smoking with a buddy, you should also avoid touching the hookah or utnsils in public.

If your hooka is in a locked area, you’re also in trouble.2.

Always clean up after yourself.

If something gets spilled, you can take it to the toilet, but that’s not a good idea if it’s your own hookah.

If a buddy accidentally spills a hooka on you, they should wash their hands.3.

Don’t get up to use your hookie.

You shouldn’t be in the shower, a public restroom or anywhere where there’s a chance that someone could see you.4.

Don´t take off your mask.

If someone else is looking at your hookhy, they could see your face.5.

Don t get too close to the hookhy.

If somebody gets in your face and starts pulling your mask off, you’ll likely be asked to leave.1/102/10/10.

This is a video of a man smoking a hookhy on the beach.

I hope you enjoy it.

I also hope you don’t have a heart attack when it’s over.

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