You might be surprised to learn how to smoke the hookah with a tobacco pipe.

Here are a few tips you might need to get started.


Get a hookahs lighter 2.

Use the right type of tobacco for your smoking habits 3.

Get comfortable with the way you smoke, because it can be uncomfortable.


Make sure you are getting the right amount of air to your pipe.


If you smoke a pipe and you can’t get comfortable with it, go to a smoke shop.

This is where you can find the right kind of tobacco and tobacco pipe accessories.


If your hookah is really big, get the correct hookah water pipe.


If the hookahs you are using are too small, go for the bigger ones.


If there are no smokers at home, buy a smoker, because you can buy one online for just €10.


It’s important to try the right way to smoke your hookahs.


If it is hot in the house, smoke in the kitchen.


Get yourself a smokeable filter, which you can use for smoking the hookas, because smoke is not as harmful to the environment as it is to your lungs.


If in doubt, don’t smoke the tobacco, as the nicotine will not be absorbed.


There are a number of different types of hookahs, and you need to choose the right one for you.


Be sure to wear proper gloves, as it could lead to injury.


If this is your first time smoking, be prepared to be quite uncomfortable.


Don’t worry if you are not sure if you can do it, but be prepared for a lot of discomfort.


It might be good to go out with your friends, so they can get to know you.


Make your own hookahs at home or buy a hookas from a shop.

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