Australia’s big cities are the epicentres of the hookah craze.

But it’s the far reaches of the country that are most well known for the quality and value of hookahs.

The most famous and most famous are Melbourne and Sydney, home to the world’s largest and most expensive market for hookahs, The Luxury Lounge.

In 2018, Australian hookah shops closed their doors.

They were shuttered by their own owners, who had taken to using cannabis in the lounge’s indoor smoking room.

Now, a new generation of entrepreneurs are bringing the buzz back to the citys main indoor smoke shop.

“It’s very similar to the cannabis market in Australia, so it’s not just about smoking it in your home, it’s also about smoking indoors,” said Adam, who works at a boutique in the city.

“It’s the same principle.

We are the one in control of the space, the people, the quality of our product, the customer service.”

Adam said The Luxurious Lounge was the first hookah shop he knew about in Australia.

It was a very different experience from the one he was used to when he worked in the cannabis industry in the states of Victoria and Queensland.

But Adam said The Lounge is different now.

He said the vibe in the shop is relaxed and friendly, and he’s used to a lot of people coming in and out.

He said it was also the first time he had experienced the euphoria of hookah.

“It was like the first night, you know?” he said.

Adam’s wife, Jess, said she had never experienced hookah before.

“I’ve had hookah with cannabis before, and it was definitely something new for me,” she said.

“But for me, it was very relaxing and it really helped me get my mood going and relax, so I went back for the second time.”

Jess said she’s happy to be able to experience the excitement of hookage again.

“The most exciting thing about it is I’m used to smoking weed, so when I come in and I smoke, it feels like smoking weed,” she told 7.30.

The Luxurious lounge is the new home for The Luxure Lounge and The Luxuriously Lounge.

The LuxuriLounge, The Loom Lounge and the Luxurantly Lounge have been set up in Melbourne’s CBD, and they will be open throughout the rest of the year.

This year, Adam is going to keep up with the rest by purchasing and sharing his hookah experience with friends and family.

For now, Adam said he’s looking forward to a “cool, relaxing” time in Melbourne.

“[It’s] a lot more of a ‘hookah party’, where people are not out smoking and smoking and having a smoke and it’s all in one place,” he said.””

It gives me the energy to enjoy life, so the next time I go, I’ll be able just like that.

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