The hookah club in Astoria is a favourite for New Yorkers.

There are no other establishments in Astorians main drag, so it has become a hotspot for New York’s gay community.

But what do you do when your favourite joint isn’t open?

How about turning your favorite spot into a lounge?

The Astoria Lounge is a new lounge designed by the New York-based architecture firm Zaha Hadid Architects, and it’s the first hookah establishment in Astorian history.

The lounge’s first cocktail, The Pisshole, is a cocktail inspired by the famous Italian bar Pissholes.

The cocktail features gin, ginger ale, lime juice and vodka, and a twist of lime and limeade.

It’s a simple, yet delicious drink that will delight the taste buds of any New Yorker.

A second cocktail, the Dorm Room, was created by the Astoria Cocktail Club in conjunction with a client.

This cocktail is a combination of the classics: bitters, lemonade, cucumber and lemon juice.

There’s also a twist, with an aged lemon twist.

It adds a little zest to the drink.

It will be available from the third and fourth hours of every day, as well as at weekends.

The Astoricas second cocktail will also be available for the third hour of every night.

This is an interesting twist on the traditional Astoria cocktail, which is served at the bar in a glass with a small bowl of ice.

The drink is then topped with a generous scoop of ice cream, and served at its very best.

The drinks menu features cocktails from a number of the Astorica bars, including the Astora, The Hookah Lounge and the Astorian.

There is also a bar on the second floor of the restaurant, which features a variety of cocktails.

We’ve got the Piss hole and the Drom Room, but we have a lot of other cocktails too, and they’re available to try.

The hookahs on the Astorias second floor are a little more limited than on the first, but the Astorians menu is much bigger.

Astoria’s first hookahs bar, The Bong, was opened in 2001, and has been around since that time.

It was originally designed by James and Elizabeth Taylor, who made the first of their five Astorian hookahs bars.

The Bongo is a lounge style, with the original bong filled with an assortment of different pipes and tobacco.

The bongo is made of a wooden frame, with a wooden bowl, a bamboo bar, a charcoal grill, a water pipe and a pair of bowls, all placed in the middle of the bar.

The original bongo was a popular drink on the opening night of the original Astoria hookah bar, the Astori.

This was before the hookahs had been invented.

The bar has been kept running since, and was renamed The Bumburang in 2016.

Astorians first hooka bar, Astoria, opened in 2000.

The first Astorian to open a hookah in Astoria was the New Jersey-based bartender and musician, Eric Duhigg, who had a hooka shop at his house in Astora.

Duhig started hookah clubs and eventually opened a cafe at the Astoralas Astoria Hotel.

Today, there are over 70 hookah bars in Astori, and many of them are owned by gay men.

It is believed that over 200,000 people have gone to Astorios hookah shops in the past year.

The restaurant is also home to some of the citys most famous hookah joints, including The Astorico, The Astorians Bong Lounge, The Big Bong and The Astorian, which opened in 2002.

Astorians new hookah restaurant, Astori’s newest, will be open from the fourth to the third hours of the day.

The menu is limited to only a few drinks, but there are plenty of other options for the evening.

It features cocktails such as the Astolium, which combines gin, lemon juice and lemonade.

The Bigbong is a simple cocktail, but a great drink for a night out with friends.

There will also have a menu of other libations, from a traditional Italian cocktail to an Asian-style cocktail.

The cocktails are also available for purchase on the bar, and some of them have an alcohol content of between 12 and 16 per cent.

It has been reported that Astorian’s new restaurant is the first in the city to offer hookah services, and will be a first in Astoricias history.

There have been reports that Astorias hookah establishments are becoming increasingly popular, especially after Astorian Mayor Michael Bloomberg made it a priority to have hookah lounges open.

The city has also seen a resurgence in hookah sales.

According to a survey by the NYC-based gay dating app, Grindr

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