A simple, inexpensive and delicious tip pen is making its way around the world, and some people are using them to make their own.

News.au caught up with one of the creators of the PenPenPen tip pen.

Eddie Naidoo, who goes by the name of The PenPen, started making his own tips in 2010, after noticing that the standard ones used for pens were made from glass.

He created a different way to use glass, using plastic tubing to attach the tips to the pen and making the pen look like a pen.

“Glass is cheaper and more durable than glass,” Mr Naido said.

“I thought that was an opportunity to try something new.”

The PenPen PenPen has the perfect combination of strength, durability and price.

It can hold up to 4.5 grams and weighs just under half a gram.

“The biggest benefit of making your own is that you can experiment with different ways of making it, which is a great way to get to know different materials,” Mr Bhatt said.

The Pen PenPen was a hit at the Melbourne International Hookah Convention and is currently available at some stores and on eBay.

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