Custom hookahs are a great way to add some fun to your home or office.

They’re cheap, fun, and they don’t require you to spend a lot of money.

If you can afford a bottle of cheap water, you can make your very own custom-made hookahs.

Here are the steps you’ll need to take to make one yourself: 1.

Clean out the water bottle.

Put some paper towels into a small bowl, fill the bowl with water, and shake it.

This helps to make sure the water is clean.


Take out the tubing.

Put the tubing in a large dish-saver and put it in the freezer.

This is the most important step, so you can check that it’s not too frozen or too cold to handle.


Put your own hookah inside.

Put a few cotton balls into a glass bowl.

Put two cotton balls inside the bowl and shake them together.

The cotton balls should form a loop and hang around for a while.

You should see bubbles forming.


Put on the water.

Fill the water bowl with the same water as the one you just put in the bowl, shake it, and repeat.

This will make sure that all of the water gets in the tubing and doesn’t leak out.


Take a few drops of the homemade water, pour it into the tubing, and place it inside the hookah.

Make sure that the tube is not too full or the bubbles will spread.

The hookah should fill the water nicely and you should have a good feeling that everything is good.

This way, you’re not stuck with the water in the tube anymore.


Shake it all the time.

Shake the hookahs every time you shake it to keep it fresh and dry.

This keeps the water flowing properly and will help prevent water from leaking out of the hookha.


Fill it up.

Put another few cottonballs inside the water and pour it in.

Shake them and put a few in the hole in the hookaha, making sure the hole is wide enough to hold the water inside.

Make certain that the cotton balls don’t get trapped.


Shake again.

Make more cotton balls, put them in the holes, and wait until you hear a click sound.

This should help to fill the hooka up. 9.

Put in the hose.

Put one of the cottonballs in the water, fill it with the hose, and put another cotton ball inside the hose and shake the hookas.

This gives the water a nice, steady flow.



This process is repeated for every cottonball, making it very easy to fill up the hookhah with a steady stream of water.

It will take several tries, but it should be easy enough for someone new to the hobby to get the hang of it.

Make Your Own Custom Hookah The process for making your own is pretty simple.

Simply put your cotton balls in a bowl of water and fill it to the top of the bottle.

When you put the cotton ball into the water it will float to the surface and will then go into the tube.

Repeat this process until you have enough cotton balls to fill your hookah up to the bottom of the bowl.

This takes about 10-12 tries, depending on the size of your hooka.

When it’s done, you will have a beautiful custom-designed custom hooka with the look and feel of a bottle water hookah and a bottle.

It’s not difficult to make, and you can get it at most hardware stores or craft stores.

If the process sounds too easy, you could always try the homemade method first.

I’d recommend checking out this tutorial to see how to make a custom hookha yourself.

I know it’s hard to buy a bottle for under $20 and make your hookahs for free.

But it’s really easy and cheap.

You just need a bottle with a bottle lid, a plastic container, and a couple of cotton balls.

The instructions will show you how to do that.

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