Oasis Lounge is the first of its kind in the world.

It was launched by James and Sami Al-Qudai in early 2016, and now features three different rooms, a lounge area, and an outdoor patio.

Oasis has a wide selection of hookahs, which are made of wood, charcoal, or wood chips.

Oases also has a dedicated bar area, which can be used to watch movies and play games.

“It’s really cool to have a hookah that’s really unique, and that’s also a good way to learn about new flavors,” says James.

“You can go in there and have a drink and have some conversation and see how the different flavors compare.”

In the lounge, you’ll find a range of hookah flavors.

There are hookahs that use charcoal, such as the Nubar and the Skyhookah, and there are hookah sticks made of glass, like the Rainbow Oases.

“The Skyhookahs have this big glass bowl, and the Nubs have these little holes in the bowl, which give you the ability to smoke your own tobacco,” says Sami.

“We also have a few other hookah pipes, like a Big Bang.”

There are also two separate indoor rooms.

One is the lounge room, which is equipped with a table, chairs, and a TV.

The other room is the outdoor patio, which has a picnic table and two benches.

The outdoor patio is covered in a layer of dust, so it’s a bit more humid than the lounge.

“There’s a huge area that we don’t even use for smoking,” says Al-Quaida.

“So we have this really large outdoor area that’s completely empty, with no hookah smokers.”

You can also have fun with the Oasis by taking a look around the lounge area.

The lounge area has a number of different hookah tables, with different types of bowls.

The tables feature different types and sizes of tobacco, and they also feature different colors and shapes.

“They’re all handmade,” says al-Quida.

“Every bowl comes with a label on it that explains what’s inside, and we use them all.”

When it comes to the outdoor area, you can see that there are a number other outdoor tables, too.

They’re made of ceramic tiles, and each one has a different flavor.

“Each table is a different bowl,” says sami.

Sami says the outdoor lounge area is very relaxing.

“Even if you’re just relaxing, you have a place to relax and be yourself.

There’s also food on the table, and if you sit down and you eat, it makes you feel really good.”

Oasis also offers a few games and activities for kids.

“Kids love it, too,” says the lounge manager.

“When we’re on the outdoor side, they have to wait in the back so they don’t get in trouble with the cops.

When they come in, they’re like, ‘Can I play here?’

So they play games, and then they go outside.”

James and Al-Zahra Al-Muhtaib have been playing hookah together for three years.

Al-Alwali, their son, has played hookah for four years, and he says that Oasis is his favorite hookah spot.

“My dad is always saying, ‘Oasis is the best hookah place in the entire world, and I’ve never had a bad experience with hookah,'” says Al Muhtaif.

“I’ve never experienced anything bad.”

The outdoor lounge is also an excellent place for kids to learn and experience different flavors of hookas.

“Our kids love it,” says Jamal.

“Because we don´t have the police, we get free hookah because the police just come in here.”

You may be surprised to learn that James has also been playing with his son for over two years.

“James and I have been hookahing for almost five years, since he was a little kid,” says Jamal.

“He was so excited when he got his first hookah.”

Al-Shaar, Jamal, and Al Muhalil have been doing it together for over a year, and it’s been an amazing experience for them.

“This is one of my favorite things to do,” says Oasis owner Sami, who says he likes to have his kids help him make hookahs.

“Sometimes they ask for their dad to make it for them, and sometimes they ask me to make the hookah themselves.

It’s really fun.”

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