RTE has launched a special deal for customers in North Carolina who want to experience hookah for the first time.

The deal, which starts at just $100, starts from 9am on Monday and will run for two weeks.

This means you will only need to order one piece of hookah at a time to get a full bottle of the perfect hookah experience.

There is a £40 discount on the first bottle of Hookah and a £25 discount on any other bottle of hookahs, but customers who buy two bottles will be able to get one free of charge.

The £40 price drop applies to all three of these bottles, so you could buy two in total.

There are only a few different styles of hookas available in North Dakota, and most are $300 a bottle.

If you’re not from North Dakota and don’t mind spending more on your hookah than you’d normally, then this is a good deal to consider.

You can also grab your own hookah and enjoy the atmosphere at The Hookah Bar in Raleigh, NC. 

You can also take a trip to the city and enjoy a night out with a local at the Hookah Cafe in Durham.

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