Las Vegas, Nevada — Hula hoops aren’t the only sports on offer in Downtown Vegas, but they’re definitely the biggest and most entertaining.

Hula hoop lovers who like to watch the action at the water cooler in a corner bar or at the casino casino may be interested in one of the many local businesses that have hookah lounges for patrons to hang out with friends or enjoy a drink and watch the game.

Some of these establishments include:Ak47, which is located at the corner of Las Vegas Boulevard and Pacific Avenue, is known for its hookah hookups and the occasional game of pool.

The bar offers a wide selection of games like pool and darts, and is known to have some of the best hula hoops in town.

Hala Hoops, located at 1414 Las Vegas Blvd., is a popular spot for patrons looking for a little relaxation on the weekend or for a place to chill out with some friends after work.

There are also several indoor and outdoor seating areas that cater to those looking to have a quiet evening.

Ak47 Lounge, located in the same area as Hala Hoop, is one of Las Vlas’ best spots for the casual or more serious hookah smoker.

There is a pool table in the lounge, but if you prefer a more laid back vibe, you can take a relaxing spin on pool at the pool tables or sit outside in the sun.

A new concept is coming to the area as well.

It will be known as the Ak47 Lounge at the Water.

A few months ago, the restaurant was one of many that opened to the public, and it has since become one of Downtown Las Vlans most popular spots.

There’s a small indoor pool, pool tables, a hot tub, a dance floor, a bar, and an outdoor seating area.

There has been talk of a new version of Ak47 opening soon, but no official word on that yet.

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