An Oasis hookahs lounge is a destination for outdoor recreationists, a place where a group of hookahs can relax, enjoy a bottle of wine and sip a glass of sparkling water, and the outdoor dining room has been transformed into a serene place for conversation and conversation about life in the wild.

But a few years ago, the lounge was closed due to unsafe conditions.

Now it’s back.

Owner Michael Shih, who has lived in the Oasis for more than a decade, opened up about his life as a hookah lover, sharing his story in a new video on his Facebook page.

The Oasis Hookahs Lounge was open for business until September, 2018.

The lounge has now reopened and will be open for public tours on the weekends.

“It’s my dream come true to finally open this wonderful place to the public and be able to bring you in the world of hookah and hookah culture,” Shih said in the video.

Shih also shared how he got hooked on hookah.

He first visited a bar where he met a guy from a neighboring town.

He started hooking up with other hookah enthusiasts, and it soon became a daily affair.

“I was hooked from the moment I walked into the lounge,” Shuh said.

“This was my first hookah experience.

I was hooked.”

Shih says he got the idea to open the lounge from a friend who said it was “so much better than the hotel.”

He thought it was cool, and he wanted to open up his own lounge, and get his own brand of hookas.

He began to research the industry and found that hookahs were in high demand, but were not widely available.

He had an idea.

“My friend was like, ‘What do you guys do for a living?’

And I said, ‘Well, I hook people up,'” Shih explained.

“And he was like [expletive deleted] … and he goes, ‘But I hook you guys up, and you hook up people who hook you up.'”

Shih realized he could bring more hookahs to the community.

“So, I thought, why not?

Why not bring people into this world of fun, hookahs and hookahs culture?

And so I decided to make it into a place for hookah smokers to socialize and socialize together.”

The Oases lounge opened its doors in August of 2018, but it was closed for a few months because of unsafe conditions in the indoor facility.

Shih says they were open to the outside world but had to close for safety reasons because of safety concerns.

“The only reason we shut down the facility is because we were not safe for the people that were living in the facility,” Shiwas video says.

Shiwa is now the owner and co-owner of The Oasis.

He said he opened the Oases Lounge because he wanted people to be able come and enjoy hookahs together.

“We’re the only place that we can bring people in the city of Seattle that enjoy hookah,” Shijeh said.

He says the lounge will be the first in the region to be open to all ages.

“Our hookah people will be able sit down and enjoy the hookahs,” he added.

“They will be there for entertainment, to socialise, and they will be happy.”

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