There’s no doubt Austin is a hot spot for hookah bars.

The city is home to a burgeoning city-wide industry that boasts some of the best hookah lounges in the country.

The city’s hookah culture has long been well documented, with locals making fun of other people for not having the best place to smoke.

But now, thanks to a new wave of social media, the city has a new way to keep tabs on the most famous hookah spots in the city.

In 2016, the City of Austin created a Facebook page for hookahs in the U.S. to be monitored by the city’s police department.

That same year, the Austin Police Department released a list of the most popular hookah shops in the United States, which included a new list of hookah-related crimes.

When asked about the new list, Austin police chief Art Acevedo said that he would like to see the city track the crimes that have taken place and report those to the federal government.

Aceveda added that he hopes to get the list of crimes and crimes statistics for the entire state of Texas as soon as possible.

As of June, the police department had logged more than 1,400 hookah related crimes in Austin.

The list also includes a number of locations, like Austin’s Olde Towne hookah bar and the popular Hookah Lounge at the Texas House of Representatives.

Austin’s hookahs are also being targeted for increased scrutiny from the police, Acevedan said.

“I don’t want to be the police,” Acevedano said.

“I want to take the heat off.”

Acevede is one of several city officials and local officials who have taken a stance against the growing popularity of hookahs.

Last month, Mayor Steve Adler and the City Council also passed a resolution condemning the proliferation of hook-ah bars and saying that the city would “ensure that all venues in the Austin area are safe and welcoming.”

Austin City Attorney Michael McCrum is a strong proponent of increasing penalties for hooking up in public places, but he said he wants to see a crackdown on the citywide trend of hooking.

“If there’s any way to enforce the laws that are on the books and make sure that the laws are enforced in a responsible manner, that’s a good thing,” McCrum said.

McCrum said he plans to introduce legislation to add more fines and penalties to the city code.

Other cities have also taken a stand against the trend of using hookah clubs as a place to get drunk.

Earlier this month, New York City announced that it will ban hookah restaurants and bars in public.

In December, Chicago also issued a blanket ban on hookah venues.

The New York ban was the largest to date, but Chicago officials have said that other cities are considering similar measures.

Meanwhile, Aceve is confident that his efforts to stop the rise of hookas are having an impact.

“It’s happening everywhere, and it’s not going away, Aceves said.”

We’re trying to get to the bottom of this.

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