A new industry sprung up in Colorado to cater to the recreational pot smoker.

But some say the market is already too competitive, and that the pipes themselves are often a luxury item for the wealthy. 

A new online market has sprung up to sell recreational marijuana pipes, bars and accessories to the urban dwellers of the Rocky Mountains.

The company, called Hookah Pipe Co., is based in Colorado, and says it’s not a one-man operation.

But its founder, Michael Dolan, says he’s not interested in selling the pipes he built for himself.

Instead, he wants to create a business that can benefit from the city’s booming tourism industry.

The pipes that are made at Hookah pipe factories are usually about three feet long and 10 inches in diameter.

Dolan says he makes them by hand in his basement and sells them online.

His company has about 30 employees.

He says the pipes are sold to consumers for $400 or $500 apiece.

The new business model has attracted the attention of several local politicians and other business owners.

Some of the local businesses have also hired a local marketing firm to help promote the new business.

The mayor of Aurora, Mark Strahl, said he’s proud to be a part of a growing business community.

“We’ve seen a tremendous growth in the last year or two in the tourism industry,” Strahn said.

“It’s great for the city.

It’s great to be able to bring that tourism in to the city.”

The company has also attracted a lot of attention in Colorado’s capital, where many locals see a new industry.

Strahr said the local business community is showing a lot interest.

He said he wants Hookah to continue to be part of that growth.

He added that the business is expanding its presence in the city and has hired a new executive director.

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