Brooklyn is experiencing a boom in hookah sales and hookah-themed restaurants.

In addition to its thriving hookah culture, the Brooklyn borough also has its own vibrant hookah bar scene.

But the trend is just getting started.

“We’ve seen the trend of hookah bars proliferate in the past few years, with some being quite successful,” said Jonathan Cohen, a partner at Cohen & Co. “There’s been an increase in demand for hookah clubs as more people have found them attractive.”

In fact, the borough has seen more than a doubling of its population over the past five years.

Brooklyn is home to about 1.8 million people and nearly 40,000 restaurants.

It has about 60 hookah cafes, according to the Brooklyn Bar Association.

Brooklin Hookah ClubIn addition to serving its own unique hookah menu, Brooklyn’s Brooklyn Hookah club offers hookah drinks and services, including smoking tips and a lounge.

Its hookah lounge offers a lounge with hookah furniture and accessories, as well as a private dining room.

Its owners, Yael and Rania Shafar, have owned the club since 2013.

They have expanded the club’s menu to include cocktails, hot wings and a hookah kitchen.

They are also selling a $2.50 tip and offering free samples.

The Brooklyn Hookahs also offers live music.

Last year, they hosted a live show.

“There’s no way we could have imagined that hookah would become such a hot commodity in Brooklyn,” said Shafars’ co-owner, Nada Elahi.

“It’s very exciting.”

Cohen & Co., the company that runs Brooklyn Hooka, has been hosting a series of hookahs-themed events for more than three years.

While the Brooklyn Hookaballas are the first hookah cafe in the borough, it’s not the only one, said Shaviv R. Sheth, a former owner of the Hookahs in Manhattan.

Hookah bars and restaurants in Manhattan, Queens and Brooklyn have been popping up for years.

The New York City Hookah Bar has been operating in Manhattan since 2016, and the Brooklyn Lounge is now a fixture in Queens.

The Brooklyn Hookabbie is also in Brooklyn.

Brookland Hookah LoungeBrooklyn Hookah Clubs in Manhattan and Queens have been offering their own hookah meals, along with smoking tips.

But the Brooklyn clubs are also popular with the hookah fraternity.

Brookline’s Brooklynhookaballahs are the latest and most popular in the city, said Sheth.

They are also the first to offer live music, which is a big draw.

Brooklyn’s Hookaballs and Hookabas are now in their 10th year.

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