By Andrew Mcclellan-Kellner, New York magazine | February 27, 2018 | 6:27pmAs a New York Times Best Seller and bestselling author, Andrew M. Kellner is one of the most influential and influential people in the hooka world.

But that was before he went into business for himself.

In 2007, his book “How the Hookah Business Changed and Then Almost Exploded” was released.

Its title alone was enough to start a billion-dollar company that he’d eventually run.

But while Kellner was working at the company, he also made a deal with the king of hookah makers.

That deal turned out to be the catalyst that would ultimately lead to the rise and demise of hookahs.

How the hookaz business changed and then exploded with the boom of the world of hookasAnd, as you can imagine, it was not pretty.

In the book, Kellner describes how he bought a bunch of his old hookahs, put them into the back of a truck and shipped them out to China.

His sales soared, and he was able to make a good living off them.

But then the boom came and went, and by the time he sold out to the king, his business was in free fall.

He was forced to quit.

It was a big blow.

And now Kellner says he’s lost track of all the money he made and all the people he helped build his company around.

He even went into debt.

This is the story of how hookah maker Andrew Kellner made his money from selling old hookah pipes, but then he had to quit hookah making to start up his own company.

He talks about how he was a little too ambitious.

He says he sold off his hookahs to make enough money to start his own business.

But the company never came together.

So he had a lot of debt and wasn’t able to pay it off.

Then he had the biggest challenge of his life.

He says that he spent the next year or so trying to get his company to get off the ground, and after all that effort, he still didn’t get his hookah to market.

So, Kellners fate was sealed when the king announced he was going to shut down the company.

This caused a major financial meltdown that led to the downfall of the company and the downfall, in effect, of hooka making itself.

The deal that Kellners made with the King of Hookah makers was a one-time deal.

It’s not like he was selling them out.

It wasn’t like he’d been making a bunch or that he had tons of money.

It just wasn’t going to work.

And he had no plans to go back to hookahmaking.

Instead, Kells company went to China and, with help from a former employee, opened a brand-new hookah-making factory in Shenzhen.

Now, he’s the only person in the world to ever make hookahs from a hookah and has never quit hooka-making.

When you’re making a hooka from scratch, you’re trying to make the hookacomplete hookah that’s going to sell.

That’s the goal.

And there was no way to do that.

So you have to be really, really good at hookahMaking a hookacomoenthookah.

That was the goal that Kells was aiming for.

But he never got that.

In fact, when Kell’s company first launched in Shenzen, there were about a dozen hookahs around.

Now there are a million hookahs in China, making up about 25 percent of all hookahs made worldwide.

When he started making hookahs for the first time, Kell was not going to quit making them.

He said he’d always made hookahs because he loved the experience.

That wasn’t the case with hookahs now.

He’s now trying to sell them off for a higher price than he ever could before.

“What’s happened in the last two years is just a complete collapse of the brand,” he says.

“I think a lot more people will be turning to hookahs and that’s great for hookah culture.

But I think we’re all in the same boat.

Hookah making is not going away.

People are going to be turning the hook into a hook-ah.

People will be doing the same thing to hookas.

So I don’t think it’s a good time to be in hookah, period.

Hookahs have a long history and I think that’s something we need to recognize.”

Kell, the author of the “How to Make a Hookah” book, is no longer involved in the company that built his company.

But what he can say is that it was a tough time.

He started to get nervous when the company started to make big profits.

He worried that it would go under.

He worries that the brand would go away.

He’s worried that

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