HICKORY, Texas — There are only a few places to hookah in Houston, and this one is a good place to start.

The only problem is, you probably won’t get the best hookah.

The Hookah lounge at the Aladdin Hookah bar is located at 8200 Aladdin Rd. in Houston.

The hookah is served at the door.

The hookah menu includes a selection of teas, shisha, hookah bowls, and bowls of water.

At the bar, the bar is crowded.

The chairs are out of place and the tables are crowded.

Hookahs have become popular in Houston over the past couple years.

It is also a great place to find cheap hookah tobacco, as well as hookah accessories and hookah smoking equipment.

A hookah at the aladdin hookahs, a popular spot in Houston The Aladdin hookas hookah shop is located in the back of the restaurant.

In addition to hookahs and tobacco, the menu offers a variety of teabags and smoking accessories, and the menu features several hookahs that have different sizes.

While the Hookahs menu is good, the service is average.

I don’t think this is a hookah establishment.

They only have hookahs.

They don’t have a bar.

This is an Aladdin restaurant.

They have a hookahs hookahs bar.

They serve hookahs there, not at the hookah lounges.

You can grab a bite to eat and a smoke, but it’s not a place to do well.

Don’t forget to bring your own cigarettes, or you might not be able to smoke.

If you want to try hookah or vape, you will have to wait a while to get a good bowl.

They also sell hookah lighters, which is a lot of fun.

These are all good things to do in Houston because hookahs are so popular in the city.

Check out our guide to hookas in Houston to see where to go and what to see in Houston for hookahs in the future.

Photo: Nick Seda, Houston Chronicle Related Stories:

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