Hookahs and mini hookahs are now being offered for sale in Egypt, where the country is looking to become a leader in hookah sales.

The new offerings come after a string of mini hookah competitions were held across the country last year, attracting tens of thousands of entrants.

“We had a very strong year, we had a good year last year with the mini-hookah competitions,” said Mohammed Nasser, the head of the Egyptian Ministry of Culture.

“This year we are going to see even more people participating in mini-hookah competitions, so I think we are really going to be the market leader.”

The mini-pipes have been designed for people who do not have the time or money to buy traditional hookah pipes, but have a desire to try out a different style.

“People are looking for something that can be used to make their own pipes, or to be able to buy some other accessories like a hookah pole,” Mr Nasser said.

“But also, they want to try the new hookah pipe.”

Hookah competitions have taken place in the past, but this year they are going global, with participants from all over the world.

The popularity of the mini hooka has seen its value rise by several hundred dollars, said Mr Naser.

“The price of a single hookah is about $1,500, so the cost of a couple of mini-bongs has increased from $3 to $4,000,” he said.

The mini hookaballies will sell out quickly, with the biggest crowd expected to be at the Egyptian capital, Cairo.

The Egyptian government has been promoting the new products, which are made of recycled plastic and include some accessories such as a bowl for the water pipe and a ring to hold the water bottle.

“Mini hookahs, which we call ‘mini bongs’ in Arabic, have become the norm in Egypt,” Mr Mohamed told ABC News.

“It’s a new trend, and people are really excited about it.”

The government is also planning to expand the number of hookahs to be sold.

“There are now about 1,000 mini hookhahs in the market, and we are planning to increase that,” he added.

“I am not sure how many people will buy the same number of mini bongs.”

The Egyptian Government has also been encouraging people to try hookah using the new devices.

“Hookah is an art, so you need a good taste and a good knowledge of how to use it,” Mr Al-Azmi told the ABC.

“If you don’t have that, you will find a lot of problems.”

Egypt has one of the world’s lowest rates of HIV and AIDS, but the country has also seen an increase in the number and number of people contracting the virus.

The government has launched a campaign to help HIV-positive people get clean water, and in May this year launched the first national campaign to educate people on HIV.

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