Delhi is now the most LGBT city in the world.

According to data from the Indian government’s National Population Register (NPR), the capital has the third highest percentage of gay men and lesbians in the country, at 21.9 per cent.

India is home to more than two-thirds of the world’s gay population, according to a 2016 study by The New York Times.

In 2017, the United Nations Population Fund reported that a staggering 7.3 million people in the United States were living with HIV/AIDS, or roughly one in five people.

“In Delhi, we have the highest number of HIV positive people in India, as well as in India,” said Ramkumar Khemka, a consultant with the National HIV/Aids Control Project (NICCP).

“That means we have to look at the city as a whole.”

The number of gay couples living in Delhi has also been rising.

According for 2017, there were over 500,000 gay couples in the city, up from an estimated 200,000 in 2015.

In 2015, the number of heterosexual couples was around 5,000.

“I think it’s important to say that Delhi is a city where people of every age, colour and sexuality live together,” Khemkas told VICE News.

“It’s also a city with a strong tradition of anti-discrimination and equality.

The city is also a safe place for transgender people to come out and to be themselves.

This means that we can also see people of all genders and sexuality living together, regardless of their sexual orientation or gender identity.”

India is a country where a growing number of people have come out.

In June, the Indian parliament passed the Transgender Equality Bill, which would require transgender people in all Indian states to wear gender-neutral attire.

But while many LGBT people feel comfortable with their gender identity, they don’t necessarily agree with the idea of being referred to as the opposite sex by the government.

In a 2016 report, the International Gay and Lesbian Human Rights Commission (IGLHRC) said it was often “very difficult” for transgender or gender non-conforming people to access basic health care, such as surgery, hormone therapy, and genital reconstruction.

This includes not only accessing medical services for themselves, but also for their partners and children.

This, in turn, has led to more transgender people leaving the country for safer regions, like the United Arab Emirates.

But in a country that has recently become the epicentre of anti “right-wing” politics, it seems like there’s room for more to come.

“For me, I think it was the first time when Delhi was a place that was very welcoming to gay and transgender people,” Klemka said.

“Now, I feel that I can live here.

I feel safe.”

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