The newest iteration of the Deezer line is a new version of the hookah that looks more like a portable water pipe.

The Deezer 935 features an aluminium body, an aluminium handle and an aluminium base.

It comes with a 3-year warranty.

Deezer was founded in 2009 and its founder, Ryan Smith, has a background in manufacturing.

The 935 was announced on September 17.

The new model features a new aluminium body and a new handle that has a rounded bottom, reminiscent of a water pipe, and the shape is slightly different to that of the 930.

The overall shape of the handle is also more pronounced.

The handle also comes with an integrated vent hole, which is also included on the 935.

The bowl, however, is made of aluminium and the handle can be easily detached, which allows the user to use the bowl in a number of different ways.

The hookah bowl has a slightly curved shape and is made up of an aluminium core and an outer casing that is reinforced with glass.

The inner casing is made from carbon fibre and the material is not water-resistant.

The exterior of the bowl is made out of wood, which also allows the bowl to be easily removed from the shell.

The top of the pipe features an integrated glass base that can be removed and the bowl can be used without any worry of water damage.

The glass base is covered with an anti-reflective coating, which reduces reflections.

Deezers 935 comes with all of the accessories that were previously available for the 932 model.

It is also available with a ceramic bowl.

It also comes in two different finishes, a silver finish and a black finish.

The ceramic bowl is available with either a ceramic base or with an aluminium bowl.

The accessory options are as follows: The Deezers accessories are available for a total of $1,799.

This includes a ceramic stem, a ceramic handle, an internal mesh pouch, a bowl cover, a top cover, and an integrated bowl vent.

The 6-year-old Deezer will be available in August for $1.99, which includes a 10% discount.

The accessories are still available for $99.99 and will remain available for about two weeks.

DeeZer935 is available now on eBay.

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