A few days ago, we wrote about the “hookah culture” in Sydney.

Now it’s time to look back at the events that took place over the weekend at the Luxury Hotel Luxury, which was a must-see for any hookah enthusiast.

We’d like to share the highlights of the weekend, including a photo of the “wine” and the hookah itself, along with some of the most memorable events in the city.

A quick recap of events: Monday, January 12 The hotel is the location for the opening night of a new series of “Couple Nights” (colloquially known as “Luxury Nights”), a free night of entertainment at the hotel to celebrate the first anniversary of the hotel’s relaunch in March 2016.

On Sunday, January 15, guests can enjoy “Couples Nights”, an evening of fun and entertainment for singles in the lounge, and at the bar, before the main event, which will feature a $10 cover charge and a “LUXURY TICKET” with an open bar for up to 80 people.

There’s a $30 value and it is valid on the day of the event only.

If you don’t have an event ticket, there’s also a $15 “couple’s ticket” which allows you to book your own “Luxe” night at the event for up, four, and eight people, respectively.

On Monday, guests are encouraged to wear “couples” (or “cuddle”) attire for the occasion, with a “COURTEEN” dress code for “young, beautiful, confident” women, and “LUGGLES” for “lifestyle-conscious young people”.

The venue is currently sold out, so book in advance to ensure you get your spot.

There are some restrictions to this event, however: There are no drinks on hand (although a “lugging” bottle is available), and it’s not allowed to bring in any outside food or drinks.

Guests are not allowed on the bar unless accompanied by a male member of the couple.

There is no room service, although there is a “cabin” of lounge seating.

There will be a maximum of eight guests at the lounge and the bar for the entire night.

There won’t be a single person on a private balcony.

The hotel has strict rules about how to behave when visiting the hotel: It’s not recommended to use a public toilet or wash your hands, and it would be considered rude to have any kind of hand-washing facilities or open dishes or towels in the lobby.

If guests are leaving or arriving from another hotel or hostel, they should be prepared to wait in line.

They’re welcome to use the toilets or wash their hands.

If they feel uncomfortable or uncomfortable when leaving the hotel, they are expected to use “safe” toilets or hand-wash in front of other guests.

There’ll be an “in-room” area, with no in-room shower facilities.

Guests must dress in “couch-surfers” (incl. “cute” ones) to avoid having to deal with the hot sun, hot air, and the constant humidity.

They are also advised to avoid wearing clothing or makeup that is too revealing or too revealing of the body.

The lounge is located at the corner of Bondi and Kingsford Smith Streets, just across from the Hotel Central.

A number of lounges and bars are located at other locations in the CBD, but Luxury Nights is a unique event because it’s located right next door to the main Sydney hotel.

For those who’ve never been to the hotel before, the hotel is a bit like a “semi-detached” property with some unique amenities, including “fitness” classes, yoga studios, and indoor pool and spa facilities.

The lobby is separated from the lounge area by a large glass curtain, which you can peek through to see if there’s anything interesting going on outside.

It’s very well lit and the venue is a pleasant, modern-looking space.

There should be no problems getting into the hotel from your hotel room or on the street.

However, guests should be aware of some of its other rules: Guests are encouraged not to carry on conversation while in the hotel lobby, and they’re not allowed outside without being accompanied by an adult.

In the lounge there are no designated toilets, which are required to be in use in order to clean your hands.

Guests who leave the hotel must stay at least two metres away from the hotel for the duration of their stay.

Guests without a room number are asked to leave the room and walk to the nearest hotel.

Guests with a room must be in their room and in their own rooms to be accepted into the lounge.

Guests should be able to use their own

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