NEW YORK — The neon pink spray paint on the windows of some uptown hookahs has sparked outrage in New York.

The neon yellow paint was originally used in a neon bar in the uptown section of New York, but it was replaced by a white paint.

The new paint, which is the first to be painted in the city, is a cheap, disposable version of the neon yellow.

It’s also easy to spot and not visible.

The bar owner, who wished to remain anonymous, said the paint was made by an unknown company and that it has not been in service for a few weeks.

He said the neon paint was supposed to be placed on the bar for a week before the bar was painted, but since then, it’s been there and the neon color is still there.

“The neon paint is not reflective.

It doesn’t reflect light at all.

The only way that it would reflect light is if you put a bunch of lights over it,” the bar owner said.

“There are plenty of places in the world that have neon paint.

It can be used to make art, but what it does is it makes you look like you’re just doing something fun,” he said.

The owner said the color was purchased from an internet store and that he did not know who made it.

He also said that the neon bar paint has been there for more than a week.

He claims that the owner is not licensed to operate a hookah bar and that the paint is a common color in the industry.

“We were supposed to install the neon colors and then it’s going to be a couple weeks before it’s in service,” he told ABC News.

He added that the bar had been open for about a week, but there is no sign on the door that it is open.

The New York City Department of Consumer Affairs told ABC that the company responsible for the paint could not be reached for comment.

The department said that there are a variety of ways to install neon paint, including a neon sticker, but that the majority of neon paint uses plastic.

The paint is easy to find online and in stores, but is not readily available in stores.

The Department of Transportation said that it will take legal action against the bar and owner, the owner said, but he has no plans to take legal actions against the city.

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