The khalil brothers, Khalil and Kamil, opened their first hookah shop in the UK in 2014 and have since expanded into Asia.

The brothers, who hail from Egypt and have lived in Australia for over 20 years, are proud to be Australian, as they feel it is the “best place to shop for hookah”.

But the pair are keen to be as authentic as possible and Kamill explained that his favourite tobacco brands are the Habanos and Nicotero.

“The best brands are also the most expensive,” he said.

“We like the taste of the tobaccos.

The nicotero is the strongest and it has a very rich flavour.”

It’s all about quality, Khalill said.

The kalil brothers opened their second hookah and lounge in Sydney in March this year.

Kamil explained that he wanted to keep things simple and to focus on “quality over quantity”.

“We don’t like big brands, we want to focus more on quality and affordability,” he told AM.

“I’ve been to some great places that are really well known in Australia, but we’re going to keep it small and low-key.”

Kamil said that he hopes to offer his customers a range of hookah accessories, as well as a range and range of pipes, as his shop focuses on the quality and value of tobacco.

“If we can get customers to feel good about their hookah pipes and accessories, then we can sell them more hookahs and we can grow our business,” he added.

Kamill said that his brothers are “huge” fans of Australia’s khalils and that he will be looking to expand the shop in Sydney.

“It’s just an opportunity to show the world how Australian is and the quality of our products,” he explained.

“When we’re open, we can do anything we want, from selling hookahs, to selling hookah chairs and to offering hookah lounges.”

Kamill’s shop is located at 1-5 Victoria St, Sydney NSW 2045.

The first floor will be available for rent until December 2018, and will be open to customers with a deposit.

The second floor is currently being renovated and is open to the public.

More to come.

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