Artist, designer and hookah bar owner John Wicks will open his Houston boutique in 2020, a project that was announced Tuesday.

Wicks, known for his work on the film “The Artist,” is also the owner of the Hookah Lounge, a Houston-area lounge that opened in 2015.

It will serve up a variety of hookah and lounge favorites like the Firestone Walker Supernova and the P-38.

Wills original concept for the Hookahs lounge.

He says the concept was inspired by the ’60s “The Art of the Deal,” which he says he wanted to revisit after working on it for five years.

“The concept was a way to take a cue from that era and have a place for people who wanted to be part of the experience,” he said.

“It’s a place where people can relax, go outside and chill and have their hookah on the patio, or it’s a venue where you can meet people for drinks.”

Wicks says his inspiration for the shop was a former “The Apprentice” location.

“A lot of the art we did for the show is still there, and a lot of it is still here,” he explained.

The store will feature the latest in hookah accessories and accessories.

“It’s an homage to my roots,” Wicks said.WICKS LAUNCHED THE HOOKAH LOUNGE ON THE WEST SIDE OF HIS HOUSE IN 2020.

He said he started the shop in his living room because he wanted the space to reflect his history of hookahs and other vintage items.

He hopes it will be a place that people will be able to hang out, drink and socialize with one another.

The shop will also offer a variety from handcrafted cocktails and cocktails made with premium ingredients to more upscale options.

“I think we’ll be able, with a little bit of creativity, to give our customers something unique to experience and something they’ll be happy with,” he added.

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